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Quest for He-Man

Skeletor: Killing He-Man's too much work. I'll get rid of him by giving him amnesia and stranding him on another planet.

[A rock doughnut sends He-Man to the Planet of The Toons.]

Bird woman: You must be evil!

He-Man: Huh?

Bird Woman: Okay then, you must be good.

[The Sorceress can't handle it, as usual, and since she can't yell for He-Man this time she calls on Zodak, he who sees all and does nuthin'.]

Zodak: You want He-Man back? I can't help, but I can give you a wand and some cryptic hints. Go for it.

Orko: Yay!

[In the absence of The Lorax, the Quik Rabbit's evil twin has turned this planet into a wasteland.]

Plundor: I'll sell this planet's life force and get rich!

[Nobody asks who he'll sell it to, since the planet is pretty well depopulated. Instead, the Good Guys bust up a bunch of expendable bunnybots end explode the missile carrying the liquid life force. The planet crossfades back to normal.]

Zodak: In case you missed the point because we were being too subtle, kids, pollution is bad.

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