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The Royal Cousin

[Jeremy, Adam's cousin, comes to visit. He breaks stuff in Man-at-Arms' lab, makes Ram Man jump in the lake, and is in general a pain in the neck.]

Adam: Do I have any relatives who aren't jerks?

Evil-lyn: Look! Another royal relative we can use as a cat's paw!

[Evil-Lyn buys Jeremy a toy and gets him to steal a rock softener. They use it on Grayskull's wooden jawbridge, then on He-Man, who last anyone heard was not made of rock.]

Tri-Klops: Hey, the sphere we couldn't get into the palace is in Grayskull!

Evil-Lyn: Huh, we didn't need the rock softener after all. Oh well, what's worth doing is worth overdoing.

The Sorceress: Oh no! A big yellow ball! He-Man, help!

[He-Man squeezes the ball down to soccer size and then drop-kicks it into space, where it will become a new moon or something. Then he captures Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops, who don't even think about resisting.]

Jeremy: Sorry I was such a butthead. I've changed.

Adam: Fine. Now go home.

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