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The Taking of Grayskull

Orko: It's my birthday! Yay!

[Nobody else will give Orko the time of day. They haven't forgotten it's his birthday, they're just messing with his head. He-Man goes off and fights bad weather. His sword disappears. Then Castle Grayskull disappears.]

Man-at-Arms: Blah blah white hole neutron star nova blah blah.

[He-Man leaps into the "white hole." Teela jumps in so she can play Maiden in Distress and show off her butt. They wander around through a drug dream landscape, then find Grayskull in a dimension where things work backwards.]

Sorceress: Help! Skeletor's here! I can't use my powers! Wait, yes I can.

[He man picks the whole dang castle up and throws it back to Eternia. Skeletor, who's spent ages just trying to get into Grayskull, scampers right back out again. Orko goes on a binge.]

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