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A Tale of Two Cities

Rhea: Help! People from somewhere else are after me!

He-Man: Lemme give you a lift home.

Rhea: Sure. You're He-Man? I thought you were only a legend.

[Rhea lives in a city that's right by Eternos, yet He-Man has never heard of it. En route He-Man bonks his head and gets amnesia. The people from the other city capture him and stick him in a dungeon.]

Garn: Hi. I'm real strong. I'll kill you in the arena. Nothing personal.

[He-Man and Garn are taken to the arena to fight for the amusement of the Evil Queen, who sounds like Natasha Fatale, and her Evil Vizier. He-Man bonks his head again and gets his memory back.]

Garn: He-Man? I thought you were only a legend.

He-Man: I get a lot of that.

Queen: Kill him!

He-Man: You're not the boss of me.

[The Evil Queen and Vizier hold Princess Rhea hostage. Her father, the King of Diamonds, comes to pay the ransom. The Vizier sets off an earthquake, which is not a smart thing to do when there's a great big lake right above your village. He-Man and Garn save the city, and the three people who live in it, by moving a wall and pounding on the ground. Rhea paws Battle Cat.]

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