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The Dragon's Gift

[Skeletor walks right into the throne room, turns Man-at-Arms into crystal, spars with Teela, then scampers away.]

Sorceress: Only Granamyr the dragon can turn him back.

Teela: Tell us where he is!

Sorceress: Nope. Figure it out for yourselves.

[He-Man and Teela go to the library 'cause there's no Internet on Eternia. Then they go straight to Granamyr's incredibly well-hidden fortress.]

Teela: Help us!

Granamyr: Buzz off.

He-Man: Please!

Granamyr: Not my problem.

He-Man: Pleeeease!

Granamyr: Okay, sheesh, all right. But first I want a present.

[Granamyr sends He-Man and Teela off to chop down Sky Tree.]

Sky Tree: You want to kill me to save her father?

He-Man: Yeah.

Sky Tree: Okay.

Teela: Yay!

He-Man: Wait a minute. I just remembered, killing things is wrong.

Granamyr: Right. Here's a book. Now get lost.

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