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The Sleepers Awaken

[Those two meddling kids Adam and Teela find a spooky old castle. She recites an old legend about sleeping herbicidal wizards which ought to be kicking in right about now. And, guess what, it is.]

Lady Voltera: I'm awake! Why aren't I pretty? Hey, you're mine! [paralyzes Adam]

Lord Taran: She's cheating on me! I must take it out on her pet!

[Taran's spider webs Voltera's dragonet. He-man saves it, putting himself smack-dab in the middle of a love triangle.]

Lady Voltera: You're ugly!

Lord Taran: I hate you!

[They fight and destroy their castle. He-Man rescues vermin.]

Voltera & Taran: Friends are better than slaves. We're going to be good now.

[Voltera and Taran turn all good-looking 'cause, you know, good people can't be ugly, and then ride off into the sunset on flying horses.]

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