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The Region of Ice

[The royal family, plus Duncan, Teela, and Orko, go skiing. Everybody but Orko disappears. He figures out that they've all skiied up to the same trapdoor, and follows them.]

Ice Lord: I'm not really bad. I just wanted to find He-Man so I can get him to find my daughter.

Orko: Speakin'. Let the Prince loose and I'll do it.

[Adam turns into He-Man and teases Orko about his identity theft while they rescue Princess Snowflake. They hang Trap Jaw, seal Beast Man into a cauldron, and audition Skeletor for the Ice Capades.]

He-Man: Snake Mountain's mouth is closing! Run!

[Everyone runs for it, not bothering to wonder how or why the snake is bothering to come to life at this particular moment in time, or how they can avoid falling to their deaths. Somehow they do.]

Princess Snowflake: My hero!

[She kisses Orko, sending him into a seizure.]

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