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Eternal Darkness

[Our Heroes have nightmares which are tamer than their average daily adventure.]

Darkdream: Daylight makes me weak. Make it night forever so I can mess with everybody's heads!

Tabor: Er, sorry, I can't do that. Will a permanent eclipse do you?

Darkdream: Make it so!

[Tabor and Evil-Lyn, who is apparently on loan from Skeletor, arrange an eclipse. Somehow this puts the moon on a collision course with Eternia.]

Darkdream: The heck?!

[The Sorceress, as usual, does nothing, this time with Stratos's help. Evil-Lyn and Darkdream run away, believing they can outrun the imminent destruction of the whole planet. He-Man makes everything all right by throwing boom juice at the moon.]

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