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Keeper of the Ancient Ruins

[Man-At-Arms and Professor Smallen, a Widget-ish caricature of Einstein, are poking through some ancient ruins. Man-At-Arms tests a machine which makes food that looks like poop.]

Smallen: Let's translate this book.

Zacton Robot: No you don't.

[They are menaced by a bunch of robots that guard the treasures of the ruins. They run around. Smallen gets turned to stone, or frozen in time, whatever. One of the robots gets busted.]

Man-At-Arms: Lemme fix it!

[Meanwhile, Teela and Adam fly into a dark and stormy night. Teela crashes. The Sorceress sends a bird to babysit Teela. He-Man and makes a storm fall down a hole.]

Trap Jaw: Hey, I'm gonna do something bad!

He-Man: No you aren't.

Zacton Robots: You aren't so bad after all. Please turn our home into a tourist trap.

He-Man: Kids, give a hoot. Read a book.

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