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Return of the Gryphon

[Beast Man and Trap Jaw break in and steal a huge, valuable jewel out of a gryphon's shrine. Then they chuck it under a bush.]

Thad: I hate being a page. Nobody notices me. Oh, look, a shiny thing. This will make everyone like me!

[The gryphon, which in this case is a lion-headed dragon, tears up the town that had the shrine. Thad gets paranoid about his new toy. The gryphon comes to Eternia. Duncan'e freeze ray doesn't work. Eventually Thad drops the jewel into one of the many floods that He-Man has inflicted on the surrounding countryside. It hatches into a gryphon cub. Thad hands it to its hydrophobic mother. Suddenly everything's all right again, except for the inhabitants of the flooded land.]

Thad: Hey, I'm special!

Teela: So what? Everyone is around here.

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