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Temple of The Sun

[Nepthu crawls across the Sands of Time and finds the Temple of the sun. He uses the Scarab of Power to turn all buff and Egyptian, screw around with the weather, make some monsters, and enslave Zoar.]

Sorceress: Heeeeeelp...

Adam: Let's go!

Cringer: I don't wanna be Battle Cat.

He-Man: Whatever. C'mon.

[Nepthu creates sand demons and mucks around with their command structure. He-Man builds a huge aquarium for a scorpion and unwinds a tornado.]

Cringer: Whine, whimper, whine.

He-Man: I thought so. By the power of Grayskull!

Battle Cat: Grr!

Nepthu: I won't let you stop me!

Sorceress: The sand demons aren't alive.

He-Man: Hooray, I can kill them!

[He-Man gleefully beats the sand demons into rubble. He gets the Scarab of Power.]

He-Man: You could have used this for good. Now nobody gets to use it.

[He-Man busts the scarab. The Sorceress turns it into a fountain and reforms Nepthu into a lobotomized-looking gardener.]

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