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Teela's Trial

Man-at-Arms: Behold my teleporter!

[Man-at-Arms teleports himself right up to Trap Jaw. To save him, Teela teleports him into the middle of nowhere.]

Teela: I screwed up! WAHHH! I'm running away!

[Trap Jaw captures Man-at-Arms again and takes him to Snake Mountain, where Skeletor installs him in a tiny little cubicle and doesn't confiscate his communicator.]

Man-at-Arms: Hello? Anyone care I'm still alive?

He-Man: Teela-

Teela: WAHHH!

He-Man: Teela-

Teela: WAHHH!

He-Man: Shaddap and help me rescue Man-at-Arms.

Teela: Yay!

[They go and mess up Snake Mountain's basement. Hardly anyone notices.]

He-Man: Teela, teleport yourself and Man-at-Arms out.

Teela: No! I can't! WAHHH!

He-Man: Teela-

Teela: WAHHH!

Man-at-Arms: Shaddap and do it.

Teela: Okay.

[Teela twists a dial and regains her self-esteem. Orko screws up a magic trick to show that it's okay to bungle your way though life.]

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