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Eye of the Beholder

[The Wind Raider conks out. He-Man weakens. Trees die. Orko's magic fizzles rather than backfiring humorously. Fires don't burn.]

Man-at-Arms: It must be oxygen! Oxygen makes things burn!

He-Man: Why is that making us weak?

Man-at-Arms: Ever hear of breathing?

[He-Man drags himself to Castle Grayskull. The jawbridge is open because the Sorceress has swooned.]

Sorceress: We've run out of oxygen because the trees aren't getting enough water. Go see what's wrong with the Sea of Eternity and fix it.

[He-Man drags himself back to Eternos. man-at-Arms gives him a canister containing the last of Eternia's oxygen. He-Man starts out, huffing all the way. While taking a shortcut he meets some roach people.]

Roach Guy In Robe: He's ugly! Therefore it's his fault our eggs aren't hatching!

[He-Man saves the eggs from a well-timed cave-in. Garth, a particularly openminded roach man, joins He-Man on his quest. When they reach the Sea of Eternity, sure enough, Skeletor is evilly pumping water from one place to another.]

Skeletor: Ha ha! He-Man is weak and his friend is ugly! Eternia shall be mine!

He-Man: Nuh-uh!

[Garth clogs the intake pipe. He-Man scares Skeletor off. Garth emerges from the water as a butterfly man, having evolved like a Pokemon and acquired an endoskeleton in the process. All is well.]

Teela: People don't have to be pretty to be good. Inner beauty shows through, and becomes outer beauty, so good people eventually become beautiful.

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