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Castle of Heroes

[Monteeg, a froglike critter who was apparently one of Skeletor's old college buddies, turns up in Snake Mountain.]

Monteeg: My army can beat your army!

Skeletor: Sez you!

Monteeg: I'll capture He-Man and add him to my collection of evil historical figures!

Skeletor: Have fun trying.

[Monteeg begs for help against a nonexistent giant. While traveling with He-Man and Orko, he causes disasters. He-Man copes with them easily.]

Skeletor: He-Man always wins! Yay!

[He-Man finds himself fighting Hannibal - well, Hannibal's elephant, anyway - and Blackbeard, a pirate in goofy space armor. Orko helps by annoying the elephant.]

Monteeg: What the heck is going on?

Skeletor: He-Man's winning. As usual.

[He-Man digs himself up out of a hole, easily traps the uber-powerful Monteeg behind a grate, and rips the dome off Monteeg's... whatever the dome was on. Huge disembodied heads float out.]

Blackbeard: Arrr, I'm not evil anymore.

Hannibal: Neither are my elephant and I. Thanks.

[They disappear like the ghosts they apparently are. Skeletor and Monteeg squabble and go away.]

He-Man: History is exciting because it's real, unlike cartoons.

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