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The Return of Granamyr

[Granamyr summons He-Man to Darksmoke.]

Granamyr: He-Man, the youngest dragon of Darksmoke wants to marry a human. Yeah, weird, I know, but whaddaya gonna do. He can't prove himself worthy of her, so how about you do it for him?

He-Man: Sure thing!

Torm: Yay!

Zem: I want to marry Lyra!

Lyra: No thanks! I'd rather marry a dragon.

[Zem sends a demon of night after He-Man. The demon menaces Man-At-Arms, then starts to take He-Man and Man-at-Arms back to his dimension. Brindle, Lyra's father, twiddles his fingers and banishes it.]

Brindle: Time for the test. Walk through this maze and pick a silver apple.

[Zem turns into a fly and enters with He-Man. He-Man gets past a few illusions, and the hedges obligingly open up a path to the tree. After a game of tug-of-war with a centaur, He-Man picks the apple. And Zem takes it from him. And He-Man takes it back again.]

Zem: Grrr.

Lyra: Yay!

Granamyr: Thanks. Now buzz off.

[Zem summons Shadowwing, an ancient evil dragon.]

Zem: Destroy Darksmoke for me! Ribbit.

[Shadowwing and Granamyr breathe lightning an fire and throw spells around. Granamyr banishes Shadowwing to the realm of demons with a wave of his hand. Then Granamyr marries Lyra and Torm, who is a lot better-looking as a human than he was as a dragon.]

He-Man: Fighting is lame. It's braver not to fight. Take it from the guy with the big sword.

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