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Pawns of the Game Master

[The Game Master flies his spaceship to Eternia to find someone to play games with.  Of course that's gotta be He-Man.  He sends a bear, a bug, and a four-armed Dr. Manhattan to get clobbered.]

Game Master: You passed the audition.

He-Man: No thanks.

Game Master: You sure?  Oh well, never mind then.

[The Game Master sends a flying aardvark to spy on He-Man.  He-Man saves Teela from getting her ass kicked by a training robot. They come dangerously close to getting mushy. The Game Master decides to take her hostage, of course.]

Mattel: Buy Strider!  In stores now!

[Adam borrows Orko's screw-up shtick and theme music.  Teela, who read Strider's instruction manual, gets it back under control.  They come dangerously close to getting mushy again, but The Game Master and company butt in and take Teela and Adam's sword.  Adam goes off to save her himself.]

Orko & Cringer: Oh, crud.

[While Orko is selling Cringer to The Game Master, Adam sneaks into the arena spaceship.  Of course everyone gets captured.]

Game Master: Fight for me!  Mwaahaahaa!

Teela: No!  Adam's a feeb!

[Our Heroes fight Kragox.  As usual, Teela gets clobbered right away.  Orko gets miffed and starts blasting away.  Adam gets his sword back and changes into He-Man.  Good thing all possible witnesses (except the lizard guards, who apparently don't count) were blinded or unconscious.]

He-Man: Let's rassle!

[He-Man wins, duh. The Sorceress sends the various captive gladiators somewhere or another.]

He-Man: So, who do you like better, Adam or me?

Teela: Can I have both?

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