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Golden Disks of Knowledge

[The Sorceress calls for He-Man because Castle Grayskull is having  bad acid trip.  Turns out the poltergeist is Zanthor, who was banished to The Phantom Dimension for giving The Golden Discs of Knowledge to, you guessed it, Skeletor.  Now he wants out.]

Sorceress: No.

He-Man: Yes.

Sorceress: Fine, then go tell Zodak.

Zanthor: Lemme out.  I'll get the discs back. I know where Skeletor's got 'em.

Sorceress: How?

Zanthor: I'm a ghost, remember?

He-Man: I believe him implicitly!  I'll help!

Zodak: So be it.

Battle Cat: I bet this is a trap.

Skeletor: Mwaahaahaa, it is!  Suckers!

[Zanthor, being a ghost, just walks out of the magnetic cage, and Orko instant-elsewheres himself out but doesn't even consider zapping He-Man and Battle Cat free.  Zanthor gives Snake Mountin some acid, freaking Skeletor out.  Orko manages to turn off the force field without screwing up amusingly.  Skeletor turns it back on, trapping the persons of hench who were menacing He-Man.]

Zanthor: The disks must be in the basement.

[He-Man bashes a hole in the floor and, sure enough, they find the disks.  Skeletor sics an eel-like critter on them.]

Orko: Eek!

He-Man: Just walk away.  Snakes never chase you.  Really.

[He-Man becomes a human blindfold so Zanthor can get the discs.]

Skeletor: Gimme the disks back and I'll give you your body back!  And Power!  And revenge!

Zanthor: Bite me.

Skeletor: Argh!

Zodak: Good job.  I'll take those disks now. Zantor, you are so very trustworthy, you are now a cosmic enforcer.

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