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The Remedy

[Adam, Teela, and Man-at-Arms go to visit Rohad, Duncan's mentor, who is deathly ill. They don't consider bringing a doctor along.]

Meetro: He got bitten by a cave bug, so I called you.

Man-at-Arms: Teela, you babysit him. We menfolk will go to Castle Grayskull..

[The Sorceress sends them on a quest for Vimwood, which grows in a cave in the Crystal Mountains. Curative herbs never grow in meadows or weed patches, do they?]

Man-at-Arms: Did I ever tell you about the time machine we were building? I busted it up and he thought it was funny. What a cool guy.

[Dragonlike tactrils attack them, then wind. They crash land. Man-at-Arms, recognizing how useless he often is, sends He-Man off alone with his newly-invented web cord, which enables him to Spiderman away from an octopus. He-Man runs, jumps, swims, and swings as fast as he can. He does stop along the way to free a tactril and then fight the giant spider that caught it 'cause predators are bad. Then he immediately falls in a pit and is saved by the tactril. It flies him straight to the right cave.]

Spirit of Mount Sealight: You want vimwood? Beg for it.

He-Man: Fine. Pleeeeease?

[The Spirit of Mount Sealight turns into a babe and gives him a stick. The tactril, now perfectly trained to take orders, flies him back. And Rohad is all better.]

Teela: Your Mom and Dad are your best friends.

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