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The Cat and the Spider

[Prince Adam and Melaktha break into a temple made by cat people, an extinct race that isn't so extinct. The temple is boobytrapped, but have no fear, He-Man is here. He wanders around, smashing the place up as he goes. Then he grabs a random cat statue.]

Adam: Lookit what I - er, He-Man - found.

Melaktha: Neat!

Cat People Spy: Hiss! King Paw! Someone's stolen the Grimalkin statue!

King Paw: Rowr! Kittrina! Someone's stolen the Grimalkin statue!

Kittrina: Meow! Oh no!

Cringer: Whimper! Statues are scary!

Skeletor: That statue might be evil, so I want it. Webstor, go get it.

[Kittrina, Teela, and Webstor fight over the statue. Webstor gets it.]

Kittrina: Meow! Oh no! We're doomed, you dumb thieves!

Melaktha: She's right. According to my research, we're doomed.

[He-Man, Battle Cat, Teela, and Kittrina go to Snake Mountain. Kittrina vamps Battle Cat. Skeletor zaps the statue with a presumably evil ray, then is surprised when he releases a demon.]

Kittrina: Meow! Only a storm can stop it.

[He-Man throws a ten-ton chunk of salt up a few yards to make it rain, then turns himself into a human lightning rod. The big demon turns back into a statue, complete with base.]

Melaktha: Sorry we robbed you.

Kittrina: Meow, nah, it's our fault for not trusting you temple robbers. Purr, so when can I get a date with Battle Cat?

Adam: Ethnic profiling is bad, boys and girls.

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