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Day of the Machines

[Man-at-Arms has build a remote controlled rocket which is bound to be of some use to someone. It crashes the royal chamber, but for once it's Man-at-Arms's fault instead of Orko's.]

Man-at-Arms: I suck at gadgeteering. I quit.

Adam & Teela: No, don't!

Man-at-Arms: Well, OK. One more try.

[Skeletor indulges in a bit of schadenfreude, then creates Byte, an electrical monster, to screw with Man-at-Arms's remote control computer. Byte does this by taking the place of a single diode. Sky Sleds start buzzing Our Heroes, then the computer attacks them.]

Man-at-Arms: See? I suck.

Teela: Er, can't we just pull the plug?

Man-at-Arms: Brilliant!

[Teela smells a rat and goes to Snake Mountain on Battle Cat. Man-at-Arms goes to battle the computer with Orko, the one person who could make him feel like less of a failure right now. He makes Orko shoot him with a shrink ray and walk him into the computer's lair. The computer inexplicably lets Orko float right in. Teela actually manages to get in and out of Snake Mountain without being captured. Man-at-Arms gets himself trapped in a SIMM.]

He-Man: There's only one person who can fix the computer. The Sorceress!

[She changes He-Man into an action figure, then flies him back.]

He-Man: You didn't create the energy monster that's sabotaging your computer. It was Skeletor, as usual.

Man-at-Arms: Blah blah technobabble electrical charges.

[Whatever the hell they do works, and they energy-surf to the monster. He-Man uses a wire to lasso the monster, which doesn't escape even though it's pure energy and can flow through wires. They send the critter to mess up Skeletor's computers. Apparently Skeletor has a lot of them.]

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