"Masters of The Universe" Episodes-in-a-Second

Trouble in Trolla

Dree Elle: Orko, your uncle's retired.

[Orko rushes back to Trolla to deal with this dire emergency. He-Man and Battle Cat follow along]

Montork: Eh, I was beat fair and square. I crapped out in a duel. Sue me.

Orko: I don't believe you!

[Orko and Dree Elle go to visit Snoob, the wizard who defeated Montork. Guess what, Snoob is teaching Whiplash magic.]

Orko: Snoob, you fink!

[Chibi pigs take Orko and Dree Elle away and prepare a stew pot for them.]

Whiplash: Say, you know that duel? You didn't really win. I messed Montork up.

Snoob: *gulp*

[Snoob joins the Good Guys, gets tied up, nearly gets eaten by a wormy thing, and helps save the day. Then everyone forgives, forgets, and goes nuts over roast gooble.]

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