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Three on a Dare

Teela: I'm going to take some kids on a field trip to the Mystic Forest.

Adam & Man-at-Arms: It's too dangerous!

[Orko effs up the only transmitter on the whole planet that could possibly communicate with Teela.  They need Rainbow Quartz to fix it, and of course the only source is Snake Mountain.  Adam flies off to Snake Mountain without transforming.  Meanwhile, the kids Teela is supposed to be babysitting get attacked by plants and hijack her airship on a double-dare.  Teela radios for help, but calls Skeletor instead.]

Skeletor: Mwaahaa!  She's lost!  Get her, Evil-Lyn!  Then I will take Castle Grayskull!

[Inexplicable earthquakes shake Snake Mountain and freak Beast Man out.  Adam messes around, looking for Snake Mountain's back door.  The dumb kids drive right into Snake Mountain's garage.  Adam swims into an underground passage, betting that it'll open into Snake Mountain before he and Cringer drown.  Mer-Man waits until they get out of the water before attacking them.  Once past him, Adam finally transforms into He-Man.  Evil-Lyn leads Teela, whose capture didn't even merit screen time, into Snake Mountain on a leash.  The dumb kids realize that they're in deep poop.  Then they escape effortlessly.]

Skeletor: Men-Man, you suck!  Hey, how does He-Man know Teela's here, anyway?

He-Man: I come in peace.  Just lemme have some rainbow quartz, okay?

Skeletor: Fine!  Get it and buzz off.

Evil-Lyn: Hey, everyone!  Our prisoner, Teela, has escaped!

Skeletor: Good one, witch.

[The Good Guys and Bad Guys fight.  The dumb kids all hang over a bunch of giant spikes from a brittle spur of something or other.  She saves the kids.  Then they all leap into a cage.  Battle Cat roars.]

Teela: He-Man's here!  Yay!  HELP!

[He-Man finds them and bends the bars of the cage that were already widely-spaced enough for them to step through sideways.  Skeletor is determined to keep Teela.  He-Man fights Skeletor's minions goofily, then breaks off a chunk of quartz.  Everyone goes home.  Nobody's mad at the dumb kids.  Orko barely manages to avoid destroying Man-At-Arms's new transmitter thingie.]

Adam: Don't take dares.  Not even double-dog dares.

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