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Just a Little Lie

[Prince Dell, the son of Adam's uncle, the King of Dyperia, is in Eternia for safekeeping. Orko takes him sightseeing. Dell makes the mistake of asking Orko about magic. Orko makes up some baloney about a rock he found being a protective thingie called a "star crystal," then he has to use his magic to back his story up and floods the palace. Fortunately there's a giant U-bend just waiting for He-Man to use.]

He-Man: Okay, what'd you do?

Orko: The waterfall's busted! Honest!

[Orko tried to think of some more lies, then takes a nap. Prince Dell swipes the stone.]

Man-at-Arms: Where's Prince Dell?

Orko: Aw, crud.

[Teela brings Orko up to date on the situation with Dell. Orko lies to her to send her, Man-at-Arms, and He-Man off on a wild goose chase. Teela gets mummified by spiders. He-Man rescues her, as usual. Then they get sleeping-gassed by Torks, the same critters that are attacking Dyperia.]

Dell: Hi, Orko, my completely trustworthy pal! I'm invincible now thanks to your pet rock.

Orko: *Gulp*

[Torks try to gas them too, but Orko fans the gas back at them.]

Dell: See? Invincible!

[He-Man et al wake up in a Tork prison cave. He-Man digs a way out because the Torks took their weapons and it's not like He-Man is strong enough to rip a door off its hinges and then throw the dwarfish Torks around the way he does Skeletor's persons of hench. They seal the Torks into the cave, where they will presumably die of starvation.]

He-Man: Where's Dell?

Orko: I can explain everything!

He-Man: Yeah, right. Save it, let's find him first.

[Dell finds his father and gives him the "star crystal." King Stephen challenges the Tork army. The Good Guys fight the Torks goofily. They use King Stephen and Prince Dell as bait to trap the Torks in another cage. Orko fesses up. All is well.]

Orko: Don't lie. It's too hard to keep your story straight.

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