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Lightning Strikes Twice

The beginning of the Trollan Invasion of Eternia. Dree Elle is blown into Eternia and has more adventures than she wants.

Associated Artwork (spoiler alert!):

The Mage in The Silver Mask

Part two of the Trollan Invasion. Dree Elle returns, with a few Trollan sorcerers who have their own agendas.

The Apprentice's Sorcerer

The final third part of The Trollan Trilogy. Montork arrives to clean up some loose ends.

D'Sparil's Theme - Actually, this is "J-E-N-O-V-A" from the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack. It always seemed to me to be a good battle theme for D'Sparil. 211K, zipped RealMedia file.


Orko and Dree Elle take a big step - all the way back to Trolla. Meanwhile, He-Man deals with an unruly goddess.

Rise of The Snake Women

We've seen the Snake Men, but where are the snake women?

More Power, More Problems

When people run around swinging swords, someone's bound to get hurt. And when you're fighting in The Struggle Of Good Against Evil, you will get your hands dirty.


Skeletor has a new plot to capture castle Grayskull, and The Order of The Gash has its own plans. History repeats itself in many ways.

New! Hordak 4:1

An ancient evil returns to Eternia. Who will triumph and who will fall?


Short stories

The Orakle

Who is The Oracle, who appeared in the episode The Power of Grayskull? This story stands alone, though references are made to my continuity.

Here are a few developmental pictures for scenes that didn't quite make it into final stories.

Musical, um, Thing

In the old show Orko had his own theme music. Not so in the new show. Well, here's a clip from the video game "Ai Cho Aniki" which I have adopted as a theme for the version of Orko that I write. This is a zipped RM file, so you'll need something that can unzip files and then something that can play RealMedia files (like RealPlayer or RealOne.)

Author's Notes

Gonzo rambles about her masterpieces. Mistresspieces. Whatever.

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