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What an imaginative title! This is where I put the things that don't deserve their own section. Yet.

KiSS Dolls

Got four Masters of The Universe KiSS dolls: Dree Elle, Orko, Orko MOC, and Trollan Summer Festival. KiSS dolls are the computer version of paper dolls, meaning you can dress them up in different costumes and give them accessories. There's also music and animation and hidden goodies, because I always have to stick that kind of stuff in. You can download the dolls from my main KiSS page, or click on the thumbnails at right to see previews of the whole doll.

Need more info on what a KiSS doll is and how to play it? That, too, is on my main KiSS page!

New! Just added "Trollan Summer Festival" featuring an aerial dance for two on Orko's home planet.

  KiSS me, Kate   Eyes Without a Face
  Lemme outta here!

Mood Orkons

Want to add Orko mood icons to your website or LiveJournal? Here ya go. A page of mood icons, and a kit with all the images and instructions you need to make an Orko theme for your LiveJournal. (Note - to make an Orko LiveJournal theme you will need a paid account and webspace you can put the icons in!)

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