RHPS Cartoons

All cartoons, unless otherwise noted, are by Kim McFarland. Please do not use these elsewhere without permission!


A poster based on "Hannibal."

Tiny Toons meet Rocky Horror

Duck N. Furter "I am the rip that mars your fisnhets!"

Clockwork Riff Raff A Kubrick-style movie poster.

A Different Breed of Cats A feline take-off of the Roxy poster.

Come Up to The Lobo by Lar.

Abuse of Cartoonist Power by Lar. Lobo warned him not to go nuts with the chibis...

Rocky Horror Carticatures by Lar

(Lar's cartoons are used with permission, bless his squooshy, talented little heart! Want to see more of his work? Check out Lar's Studio, and especially The Many Faces of Lar, his caricature page)

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