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Here are all the known finished ReBoot KiSS dolls. Most, but not all, are made by me. Here's hoping that that changes as others get into the act. Have you made a ReBoot KiSS doll that you want me to put on this page or have me link to it? E-mail me!

Don't know what a KiSS doll is or how to get the software to play it? Otakuworld has everything you seek. It's now a pay site, but you can still get KiSS players and info for free.

If you want to link to my dolls, Feel free! Please link to Slack & Hash's Domain - this dolls page is just one link away from that. I even have a banner you can use if you like graphic links. Do not link to my doll files themselves.

Hexadecimal | The Ladies of Mainframe | The ReBoot Doll Maker | Dot Matrix | Mother Brain | The Men of Mainframe
Darkwing Duck | White Queen Hexadecimal | Halloween in Lost Angles Expansion Set
The Mousy Blonde | Dree Elle | Orko | Bobby the Toasted Cheese Sammich | ORKO MOC VHTF L@@K!
Trollan Summer Festival | Vivi Orunitia | Kanji KiSS | The King of All Cosmos | Hex Kiss 3 | New! *-Zukin

Now you can get in touch with my emotions too!

Hex KiSS

by Slack

The Hexadecimal KiSS doll was my first KiSS project. I've gotten much better since I made this. I learned that drawing directly on a graphics program is much easier than drawing everything on paper and then scanning it, for example! But this set, I think, is still fun to play with. You can dress her up, change her modes, yank off her mask without killing her, and... well, all sortsa KiSS doll type stuff!

Spiffy Bug's creation, "Super Hex," made with the Kiss Set.


The Ladies of Mainframe

by Slack

The Ladies of Mainframe is my second KiSS set. It's a lot more ambitious than the Hex Kiss doll, as it includes all of the major female ReBoot characters, and some that aren't so major. The featured characters are Dot, AndrAIa, Mouse, Hexadecimal, Dixon Green, and Daemon - and several hidden ones as well. Plus, you can create your own unique Sprites by mixing and matching skin colors, hairstyles & colors, and costumes.

People have sent me their creations made with this doll, and I liked 'em so much I've made a gallery for them.

To answer a recently Frequently-Asked-Question, if you make a picture of yourself or one of your characters - or any other assembly - with this doll and wish to post it on your page, that's OK by me, provided you post where you got it and a link back somewhere nearby. Something like "Made with 'The Ladies of Mainframe' KiSS set."

Mainframe Family Christmas Scramble

The ReBoot Doll Maker

by Slack

The ReBoot Doll Maker, my third KiSS set, is one of those million-items-in-one set that you can use to make little dolls to use as website images, avatars, whatever. As with The Ladies of Mainframe, it has changeable expressions, skin colors, and hairdos, plus other goodies. If you wish to post images made with this set on the web, feel free - that's what I made it for. I just ask for credit and a link back. Something like "Made with 'The ReBoot Doll Maker' KiSS set."

Here's a gallery of images created with this set. Got one you want to send me? Here's how!

Kiss me Dot

Dot Matrix

by Mary Ellen Loan

Dot Matrix is the first ReBoot KiSS set I ever saw, and it predates mine by about two years.

This set is posted here with the permission of its creator, who has a lot more good KiSS sets on her website, M&M's Kisses. Check 'em out!

KiSS your Mama

Mother Brain

by Slack

Editor's Choice award from Otakuworld Mother Brain, the final boss from Phantasy Star II. After "The ReBoot Doll Maker" I felt like doing something different and fun, and this is it. I hope you get a laugh out of the various character pages.

(Yes, this isn't a ReBoot doll. Why am I posting it here? A certain ReBoot character is featured on one of the sets.)

This doll got an Editor's Choice award on Otakuworld. Yay me.

Bad Glitch Bob

The Men of Mainframe

by Slack

Editor's Choice award from Otakuworld Yes, I've finally finished the twin of "The Ladies of Mainframe!" The Men of Mainframe, my fifth set, is another multi-character, lotsa-clothes, find-the-hidden-characters KiSS doll. You can create all sorts of variations on the characters we all know, or invent your own Sprites by mixing and matching skin colors, hair colors and styles, costumes, and... other stuff. Beware of the nulls.

Here's a gallery of images created with this set. Got one you want to send me? Please do!

This doll got an Editor's Choice award on Otakuworld. Yes, I am  a  the bomb.

The Daring Darkwing Duck Dressup Doll

Darkwing Duck

by Slack

Editor's Choice award from OtakuworldDarkwing Duck was the first cartoon I got into in a really big way. Fan Fiction, fan art, weird speculations - heck, look at my main website, The Negapage - enough said. And despite his being quarantined on Toon Disney, The Mighty Masked Mallard still has a lively fandom on the Internet. So here, therefore, is my homage to DW (and Negaduck and Posiduck) in KiSS form.

Three for three so far!

KiSS me, I'm a Sprite!

White Queen Hexadecimal

by Slack

Editor's Choice award from OtakuworldImagine if you will that during Season 4 White Queen Hexadecimal had somehow survived Daemon's infection. She would have wanted to explore this strange new lifestyle and find out how the other half lives. She now has the opportunity to change her clothing protocol and play with her hair, something she never could do as a Virus. The results are... well, judge for yourself, and don't be too harsh; her crimes against fashion are unintentional.

Here's a gallery of images created with this set. Got one you want to send me? Please do!

This doll got an Editor's Choice award on Otakuworld! Yay me.

Nice tasty red apple!

White Queen Hexadecimal: Halloween in Lost Angles Expansion Set

by Slack

Editor's Choice award from Otakuworld Season 4 Hexadecimal is still playing around with wardrobe and whatever she can get her hands on. And she's decided to throw a Halloween party, complete with blacklights, costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and costumes. And nulls, which nobody has the heart to tell her really don't make good party favors. So, come in, have fun, click on the new things to see what they'll do. Enjoy!

This is an expansion set, requiring the "White Queen Hexadecimal" doll. What is an expansion set, and how do you load it?

Yes, another Editor's Choice award on Otakuworld! That's five for five. I command you to celebrate.

So, so mellow

The Mousy Blonde

Editor's Choice award from Otakuworldby Slack

It had to happen eventually - a doll not based on ReBoot, or any other cartoon, or a video game. Meet The Mousy Blonde. As far as anyone knows she's just a plain ol' human being with an odd wardrobe.

Got 'nother Editor's Choice award on Otakuworld. Am I cool yet?

The Lady in Red, Part 2

Dree Elle

by Slack

Editor's Award from OtakuworldAnd we're back to the cartoon characters! Dree Elle is a female Trollan (or, as one person called her, "a girl Orko") from the '80s "He-Man and The Masters of The Universe" cartoon. In the cartoon she only had one modest ensemble, and since it is a cosmic injustice for a woman to have so small a wardrobe, here is a set with more clothes for her to play with.

A note to the purists: Yes, her face was never shown (to us) in the cartoon. The face I gave the doll is of my own invention. If you do not wish to see it, simply select that option on the first screen and her veil will always cover her face.

This one didn't get an Editor's Choice... it got an Editor's Award, which is even better! Awriiight.

Uh-oh, it's magic!


by Slack

Editor's Award from OtakuworldHere we have a companion set for Dree Elle. Orko needs no introduction if you're a fan of "He-Man and The Masters of The Universe," and if you aren't he doesn't merit one, does he? Yet I'm writing one anyway. Orko is a small blue floating sorcerer who, for some reason or other, botches most of his spells. Maybe it's because his spells don't work away from Trolla, his home planet. Maybe it's because of a loss of confidence. Maybe it's because he just screws up a lot. Who knows?

As with the Dree Elle doll, I drew a face for a character whose face has never been shown. And as with the Dree Elle doll, if you dislike that idea, simply select the "never reveal face" option and you won't see it. If you do look at the face, I hope you like the design a came up with. :)

Editor's Award #2? Orko musta actually done something right!

Will I ever see the light of day?

Bobby the Toasted Cheese Sammich

by many people, Slack being just one.

Editor's Choice award from OtakuworldI joined a collaboration in late 2002 titled "Bobby the Disgruntled Grilled Cheese Sandwich." It started as an Otakuworld forums joke, and pretty soon people were jumping on board. I was one of 'em; how could I resist something as goofy and fun as this? It took a while for the doll to be finished, but Bobby is now available from Otakuworld.

This doll was planned from the very beginning to be an Otakuworld exclusive, so it is not available from this site. Please don't ask me to E-mail it to you; I won't break the agreement made between all of the artists. I have posted screenshots of the three outfits I made for Bobby, however.

Will I ever see the light of day?


Editor's Award from Otakuworldby Slack

Yes, another dang Orko doll! This one is a spoof on the ridiculous number of He-Man and Skeletor variants that Mattel has been churning out, and the people who buy all of the harder-to-find figures and scalp 'em on eBay. Forget all the musclebound meatheads - let's see a parade of variants based on the least likely character of all, Orko!

Three Editor's Awards. I am officially on a roll!

Hey, you, get into the picture!

Trollan Summer Festival

Editor's Award from Otakuworldby Slack

Another dang Trollan doll - this time based on the idea of a nighttime summer aerial dance on Trolla, Orko's home planet. This doll features two characters, one male and one female. Ain't that romantic? Um.

Editor's Award number four. Score another one for the Trollans!

How do we know we exist?  Maybe we don't exist...

Vivi Orunitia

Editor's Award from Otakuworldby Slack

Here's Vivi, the adorable little bundle of whoopass from Final Fantasy 9. He only had wore changes of clothes in the game - regular and trance - but now he has plenty more. And, yes, I have a thing for cute, magical little guys with shadowed faces and glowing eyes.

Editor's Award for the little guy, I just can't lose with tiny faceless characters, can I?


Kanji KiSS

by Slack

Editor's Award from OtakuworldLooking kanji up is pretty difficult. You can't sort them alphabetically. Why can't there be some reference that lists them under all their radicals? Why don't I make one myself? Why didn't I think about how bloody much work that would be? This set took over a year to make, and was possible only with the new FKiSS 4 specifications, which allowed database-y functions. So, this doll requires a viewer that can interpret FKiSS 4, which as of this writing includes only Direct KiSS.

This doll is an Otakuworld exclusive. It's my small way of thanking Dov Sherman for all his work over the years in the KiSS world, and for creating Direct KiSS. Please don't ask me to send this set to you; a one-month Otakuworld subscription is not expensive, and the site deserves support.

Editor's Award for this one too! Thank you, Dov!

We are always gorgeous.

The King of All Cosmos

Editor's Award from Otakuworldby Slack

"Bold yet sensitive, and rugged to boot, tolerant and compassionate, with a heart deeper than the oceans. Such is the Great Cosmos, and the King that rules over it is marvelous to behold. " Yes, the King of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy is here in all his tight-pantsed glory, and now you can dress and undress him. "We feel a swoon coming on."

This doll was part of Kiss Theme Challenge #1 - Space.

Another Editor's Award! The King deserves it. If you doubt that, just ask him.

Look what I won at the fair!

Hex KiSS 3

Editor's Award from Otakuworld by Slack

I just keep returning to Hexadecimal, don't I? Every time I reach a new artistic plateau, I do another Hex doll. So... here ya go! This doll features detail and shading and textures and much, much cosplay. Enjoy.

This doll was part of Kiss Theme Challenge #3 - Costumes.

Gutted Consento and wore his skin

Editor's Award from OtakuworldNew! *-Zukin

by Slack

Zukin is one of the dancers in the Dance Dance Revolution video game series. Or maybe there are many Zukins; we don't know for sure. All we can be certain of is that [she|they] [is|are] never seen without a hood of some type.

Who, me?


by Slack

Some people prefer not to draw their own base dolls, but use templates created by other artists instead.  And I sometimes doodle things out that, while they're not the kind of thing I'd use for a KiSS doll, others might like 'em. So, here are a few templates you can use if you're looking for a doll to dress.

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