URA 2001 Awards - Frequently Asked Questions



What are the URA 2001 Awards? They are a continuation of the URA (Unofficial Reboot Awards) 2000 awards. People nominated and then voted on their favorite sites, fanfics, and artwork, and the winners were posted on the web and given nifty award graphics.


Why are we doing this? Because there was a lot of interest in the fan community!  However, the folks who did the 2000 awards were not interested in doing them for 2001, so this round is being handled by different people.


How can you participate? It's a little late for that, as the voting's over!


When will the next URAs be held? If we aren't totally sick of it, check back toward the end of 2001 for developments.


Where can you find good sites? Most people will start with their bookmarks. Other good ReBoot site lists can be found in the ReBoot sections of Zeal and the Open Directory Project. Others may be plugged in the URA 2001 Message Board.


Who are you guys? We are the URA Committee, AKA the people silly enough to volunteer for the headache of counting nominations and votes! The head of the thing is Slack, and her minions at this time are Charisma - The Newbie, The Infernal Jynk, and Gizelle.


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