URA 2001 Awards Nominees

The Judges' Discretionary Awards

You didn't vote on these - we just made 'em up and are giving 'em out because we wanna! ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Best Evil Overlord "Best Evil Overlord" goes to Meghan/Daemon, owner of The Infection and conqueror of Al's Wait and Eat, because we'd be scared not to give this to her. (Sorry, Hanako.)
"Site We'll Miss The Most" goes to The Edge of Beyond by Zen Zenith. He took it down in 2000, but MRT4K lives on. Zen's site is gone but not forgotten!
The "Best False Alarm" award goes to A Minor Glitch. She disappeared for months and months. Her site wasn't updated. And then it disappeared completely in the great Yahoo/Simplenet debacle! And then it came back, and now it's more lively than ever. So, to A Minor Glitch, we have just this to say: Don't scare us like that again!
"Best Source of Information" goes Mairi Welman, Director of Communications for Mainframe Entertainment. For those of you who have been living under a rock - while most companies ignore their fans, taking them for granted, Mairi has been posting to alt.tv.reboot for years, keeping us informed of what's really going on. Where other fandoms have all sorts of rumors and nonsense, we get real honest-to-Programmer FACTS! Bless her!
"Most Original MiSTer" goes to Jareth, Jack, and Jenesis - Yes, there's the classic MRT4K style and the MiSTed - Sorta style, but a MiSTed... Schizophrenia Style? It definitely takes talent to be able to argue with yourself. Props to you Jareth (and Jack and Jenesis!)


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