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Escher's Castle

See the door in the background there?

You know the room in Ipsen's Castle with the door you have to kick, and pound, and hit, and lean against, and everything to get open? The door on the right in the above picture? Well, there's a little bug in the game involving that door...

Zidane is demonstrating How Not To be Seen.

Hey, where'd Zidane go? Yo, monkey boy, I can see your shoes, but where's the rest of you?

Inside-out or backward-front?

Oh, there you are... huh?

His feet are on the ground well in front of the door, but his body is behind the door. Looks like there's a little problem with the layering in this room. This bug can take a while to trigger, and I haven't figured out just what sets it off. I just run back and forth in front of the door until it happens or the tonberries kill me. It's happened in several different game sessions, so I know it's not a one-time glitch.

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