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The Super Computer never looked so good...

Toonami Promo

This promo originally aired just before Reboot during its first run on Cartoon Network. It features a voiceover by Moltar (the previous "host" of Toonami).

RealMedia movie (0.8 MB)

"Oh, no! My face!"

The Trias Effect

When Medusa Bug first aired on ABC, it had a different ending. The following weeks, ReBoot wasn't shown, only a series of short clips that involved Megabyte using his own Medusa to turn the city to stone. Bob searched high and low for a way to save Mainframe and his friends, finally travelling to the Super Computer to find the elusive Trias Effect.

This MOV shows the original ending of the episode and the clips. Also, unfortunately, one of the clips is missing (number 4, in which Phong tells Bob about the Trias Effect).

Explanation of the teaser clips.

RealMedia movie (3.9 MB)


The Missing Party Scene

Here you'll find a MOV of the missing scene, stills and WAVs of the toasts made.

The "FIREWALL" Opening

The James Bond-like opening sequence to the episode Firewall v3.1.3.

RealMedia Movie (5.0 MB)

Holding Out For A Hero

A "web video" for Bob

Mr Blackwell

A "web video" for Megabyte

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