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Other bento-related sites you may enjoy...

    Bento blogs:

  • Cooking Cute - a new English-language bento blog with some very nice photos and recipes.
  • Bento Lunches - a LiveJournal community. I'm a co-maintainer.
  • Bento supplies:

  • My bento store - where I've collected a bunch of the books and cooking tools and whatnot that I use.
  • Ichiban Kan sells lots and lots of bento and Japanese kitchen stuff at very low prices. I've been very happy with all orders I've placed with them.
  • The Bento Store is an eBay seller that often has a lot of handy things you might have trouble finding elsewhere. I've bought things like furoshiki, and little bitty condiment containers from them. They also have the more usual items, like bento boxes and chopsticks.
  • Asian Food Grocer has bento boxes, chopsticks, tableware, cooking, utensils, food, snacks, and on and on. Nice prices and fast domestic shipping.
  • Zojirushi makes the popular "Mr. Bento" lunch jars. They look snazzy, and I've heard many raves about these from people who have bought them, but, alas, they're just a tad over my budget.
  • Amazon sells the bamboo steamers that I use. They're basically 10" Joyce Chen steamers, and if you have more than one set you can stack them into a tower.
  • eKitron sells the taiyaki maker I use, plus other Japanese cookin' and servin' stuff.

Something less relevant...

    The Negapage is my personal website. It contains over ten years' worth of webstuff, including fan fiction, fan art, music videos. It includes subsites for Darkwing Duck, Brak, Final Fantasy 9, He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, and ReBoot. Yes, I'm enjoying my second childhood!

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