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Lunch Box 51: Almost Artistic


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Healthy and cutesyI was going to have a heavy dinner this day, so I wanted to pack a light lunch, but not one that would leave me hungry. So, I made grilled chicken salad - a standard of mine that I can throw together with stuff I almost always have on hand - and nanocookies, which were inspired by 1) the conundrum of how to pack cookies into a bento box without them breaking or crumbing all over, and 2) a half-stick of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough that kept staring me in the eye every time I opened the fridge.

The nanocookies are about the size of a dime to a nickel. Alas, after taking the photo I had to unceremoniously put 'em in plastic wrap to avoid making this a chicken-cookie salad. But at least the salad is nicely arranged.

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