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Lunch Box 56: Pot stickers, kinda

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Close enough for government workI was in the mood to try making gyoza, AKA pot stickers. I had a pretty good looking recipe, too. However, I had to make some compromises. Gyoza wrappers?  Can't get them right now, but I have won ton wrappers. Close enough, right? For the filling I didn't have roast pork, and I was out of ground beef, so I cut up some regular beef very fine and it came out plenty good. Boiled cabbage? I don't like it boiled, so I fried it in olive oil. Technically you're supposed to seal the circular wrappers using a cool folding pattern, then fry one side and steam it after. Well, the wrappers were square, I wasn't in the mood to do origami with my food, and after the first few I decided frying was a hassle and added needless calories, so I just steamed them. So, are they still gyoza? I'm not sure. Whatever they are, they taste good. I ate them with tempura dipping sauce.

When I ran out of beef filling I had plenty of wrappers left over, and there was that half a mango in the fridge... why not? I cut the mango into small chunks and stuffed some wrappers, then steamed 'em. Eaten by themselves or dipped into chocolate sauce (which is in the blue container) mango gyoza are good.

And the rest of the box is zucchini & onion stir-fry and rice with umeboshi.

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