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Lunch Box 119: Fun with hot dogs


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Almost too pretty to eat I was in the mood for a sandwich, but I didn't have a lot in my fridge, certainly nothing sandwichy except for peanut butter. Um... not today. But I had some hot dogs I wanted to use up before they went over to the dark side. Heyyy... I microwaved a hot dog, cut it in half the long way so I ended up with two long strips, and put the strips between two slices of homemade French bread. Voila, hot dog sandwich! Hooray for improvisation!

That thing in the center that looks like a seedless tomato is a lotus root. Those look like a long, thin root vegetable, but when you cut them in coins the air pockets that run the length of the root make a pretty pattern. I tried parboiling some and then cooking them using the baked french fries recipe, but I didn't compensate enough for the smaller size, and only a few came out unburnt. Try, try again!

Finally, there's edamame, a turnover, and a banana.

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