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Lunch Box 145: How bento should be


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Orthodix bento Today I have some steamed pork gyoza, obimake enoki, baked Japanese sweet potato, steamed broccoli, and strawberries.

The first time I cooked a Japanese sweet potato, I thought I'd bought the wrong thing. When I sliced it open it was much firmer than I expect from a sweet potato, and the inside color was close to that of a regular baked potato. But a taste proved that, yes, it was indeed a sweet potato, and furthermore it was delicious. The last time I was in the market I bought a bunch of small potatoes with the idea of putting them in my lunches. The one I cooked for this lunch was long and thin, perfect for making bite-sized coins. The flesh, BTW, is firm enough that you can easily eat them with chopsticks.

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