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Lunch Box 196: Back to basics


Back to the


Just like okaasan used to make What could be more basically all-American than meat 'n' potatoes? Don't answer that - I don't want to get into discussions of politics and fast food chains. Lemme try that again, okay?

I likes me some meat & taters. So do lots of other people in the world, including in Japan, where niku jyaga (translation: meat & potatoes) is a common stew-without-the-liquid meal. In the other half of the container is a green salad, half a French bread mini-baguette, and little containers with butter and ginger salad dressing.

By the way, this weekend I tried somen, a summer dish of noodles in chilled water. It's not really suitable for bento, but since it's tasty I've cheated a little and added it to the recipes page. Try it and enjoy!

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