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Lunch Box 216: Got soy?


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Beans, beans, & nonmusical fruit Soybeans are just about the most flexible food in the world, it seems. From them you get edamame, soy sauce, tofu, natto... well, I'm not sure if that last one can be considered edible, but never mind. Only as I was packing this, after all the cooking was over, did I realized how many forms of soy I had. There's chicken fried rice, which is flavored by soy sauce. On the upper right are edamame (soy beans still in their pods). Below that is marinated stir-fried tofu, which I'd soaked for a few hours in water I'd previously used to soak dried shiitake mushrooms to add some earthy flavor. On the right is another fruit salad with peach, orange segments, kiwi fruit, and palm hearts, and a cut-up-to-fit melon pan.

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