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Bento Recipes: Tofu. Seriously.


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I got curious about tofu recently. I've eaten it and liked it, but how do you cook the weird stuff? Well, I found out that deep-frying it, despite the recipe I had, produces a substance not unlike a Reebok sole. Thankfully, there are more worthwhile ways to prepare it.

Marinated, stir-fried tofu - This was my first success with this stuff, and it goes well with leftover beef or chicken stir-fry and sauteed mushrooms from a teriyaki meal. Get some firm tofu, wrap the part you intend to cook in paper towels, and set something like a cutting board on top of it for a few minutes to press out excess water. Then cut it into dice-sized cubes and soak it in the juice from the abovementioned leftovers. I let it sit for about an hour. Then stir-fry it for a few minutes over medium high heat, either by itself (still in the juice) or with the mushrooms. Not the meat, as that will likely get overdone and tough. Serve the tofu with the leftovers, by itself or over rice.

Grilled tofu - Much like the above, but skewered and grilled after marinating.

In stir-fry - Noodle dishes like yakiudon and yakisoba are a good place for tofu cubes. Cut up the tofu into dice-sized pieces and stir-fry them with the softer vegetables. It adds nice texture variety.