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Lunch Box 231: Better gears


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Loose fan belts The new item in today's lunch is turkey bacon-wrapped mushrooms. I didn't plan to make that; I had intended to cook obimake enoki, but then I found that my enoki mushrooms were a little past their prime. But I had salad mushrooms, so I went with that, and it turned out pretty good. I also had another try at the steampunk thing with the futomaki, steamed yellow squash, and crab pistons left over from yesterday's lunch. I think they look a tad better now, as I took more care with the gear teeth. And filling out the box are - in no particular order - shelled edamame, a steamed pork bun, steamed broccoli, and coconut mochi.

Hmm - If I'd thought about it, I could have run some bacon around a pair of differently-sized mushrooms to make it look like a mechanical belt. Shoot! Oh well, there'll be other lunch boxes.

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