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Lunch Box 247: Technicolor spuds


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I love my tiny grill Today's lunch was inspired by a little bag of spuds I noticed while wandering through the produce section. "Fingerling potato medley," fingerlings being little bitty potatoes, and the bag included ruby crescent fingerlings, Russian banana fingerlings, French fingerlings, and purple Peruvian fingerlings. Neat! I snagged a bag, and soon was conspiring to make roasted potatoes. What goes well with that? Something easy to cook, which turned out to be grilled chicken. And it's been a while since I made stir-fried vegetables, so I did, using broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, and butter rather than oil. Finally, off to the side is a hunk of almond cake, which I did not make at all, but I did slice it all by myself.

Cool purple spuds in the pic, huh? They are very dark purple both inside and out. I was hoping for some pink French Fingerlings, but the ones I cut were all the more prosaic yellow color. Despite the funky variety, they all tasted basically like taters, with only subtle color and texture variations.

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