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Lunch Box 252: Things to eat


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Fallen oak leaves The night before I packed this I made a load of gyoza. If you've ever made gyoza, you know that the average recipe makes a lot of little dumplings, enough for at least four. Well, I'm only one person, and after spending a lot of time filling wrappers one by one I don't want to then stand over the stove for another hour cooking them all. Thankfully, it's easy to lay them out on a plate so they aren't touching each other, freeze them on the plate, then drop them into Ziploc bags to cook later. My future self will thank my past self for dealing with the filling and sealing business.

Um. Anyway, here are some beef gyoza, which I cooked differently from previous batches by stuffing the wrappers with uncooked filling and frying & steaming them in the same pan. And there's slices of rolled bacon & egg omelet, which is like regular rolled omelet but with bacon slices between the layers. With it are obimake enoki - both that and the omelet are made with turkey bacon, by the way - and steamed broccoli. For dessert I have a storebought kashiwa-mochi, which is a sticky mochi cake filled with anko and wrapped in an oak leaf. I figure that's an appropriate Autumn treat.

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