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Lunch Box 293: New bento box!


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The wheels go round and round Recently I went slightly psycho with some of my Xmas money and ordered a bunch of bento stuff from Japan. As you can see, it came in!

This lunch box is a little smaller than my usual one. At first glance it might seem insufficient for a satisfying, adult-sized lunch, but a little planning proved that wrong. The main thing to keep in mind is to pack filling food, which in this case includes shrimp noodles with seafood medley, vegetables, and lotus root; zucchini & onion stir-fry, baked purple sweet potato, and baked sweet potato.

If you look close at the noodle side, you can see little mussels and octopus tentacles. Hee hee, I love seafood medley. Like the two-toned potatoes?

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