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Lunch Box 383: All the veggies of the rainbow


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Colorful veggies! I spent all weekend judging auditions, which didn't leave a lot of time for cooking. But there's always time for noodle & veggie dishes! So here's some yakiudon-style vegetable noodles with broccoli, snow peas, red cabbage (which looks quite bluish!), and carrots. How's that for colorful? It's also especially flavorful and low-calorie, because I didn't fry anything in oil. Rather, I simmered it in some of the water I saved from the last time I soaked shiitake mushrooms. I had to keep adding more in, a tablespoon or two every five or so minutes, but I really like the result.

I also have baked Japanese sweet potato, simmered shiitake mushrooms, and some fresh lychees. Looks like lychees are in season again! YUM!

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