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Lunch Box 390: Brown-bagged sushi


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Typical end of the week meal Here's a typical end-of-the-week "festival of leftovers" bento. The main items are futomaki and smoked salmon & egg sushi. The futomaki contain masago, egg, shiitake, crab leg, and broccoli stems, and if you look closely at the larger pic you can see that the nori is brown rather than greeny-black. I've seen this cardboard-colored nori many times at the market, and as it was the only nori-suitable-for-sushi that I saw, I finally got some. It's unlovely, but as far as I can tell it tastes the same. Steamed broccoli takes up the extra space at the top.

And now, the leftovers! Baked Japanese sweet potato, baked purple sweet potato, and marinated, stir-fried tofu. I collect good leftovers. One weird thing - the tofu has gotten lighter in color, but the flavor of the marinade is just as strong. I suspect that it's just soaking in deeper... or something. Finally, there's a fruit salad made with mango, lychees, and blueberries.

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