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Lunch Box 399: Homemader than usual


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Eat it, kids!  It's healthy! Today's lunch starts with a turkey-bacon BLT on French bread. I baked the bread myself, of course, and this time around I'm making it with tomato grown in my own garden! This is the first tomato of the year for me. You can't see it, but it's there. Oh, you may notice that the French bread is a little bubblier-looking than usual. I tried adding a few extra tablespoons of water, and that makes a softer dough that rises more. I like the resulting light bread.

Then there's a package of... Spongebob Squarepants edamame. When I saw that in the grocery freezer I snickered. What does Spongebob have to do with soybeans?! But, what the heck, it was the cheapest edamame per ounce, so I bought it. On the other side I have some Kool-Aid pickles and a fruit salad made with baby bananas, orange segments, lychees, and red grapes. And, finally, I have some hoddeuk, which is a Korean pancake stuffed with cinnamony brown sugar and walnuts. I've packed that before, but that was storebought, and this is homemade. And easy to make. And gonna be part of my regular repertoire, I predict.

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