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Lunch Box 480: Delicious chaos


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Mess Usually I try to arrange my bento lunches in some sort of pattern, but today I am rebelling against bourgeois notions of order. Yeah, I can throw things into a bento box, and even though it's as organized as a tossed salad it still tastes good. So there.

So here I have some stir-fried beef, steamed long beans (running around the perimeter of the box, hidden by everything else), steamed broccoli, marinated, stir-fried tofu, mashed purple sweet potato (left over from my recent purple sweet potato pie) and balled up into little, um, balls, a boiled egg, some mini-carrots, and a See's chocolate. Hmm, take out the candy and I have the makings of a good stew here.

By the way, See's makes the best chocolates in the known universe. Normally their stores are only on the west coast of the US, about as far away from me as they can get without sliding off into the ocean. But in November and December they open little temporary shops and kiosks in malls around the US, and this year there is one in Lenox Square in Atlanta, Georgia. Of course I had to make a pilgrimage. To give you an idea of what a See's devotee I am, the person behind the counter mentioned that their lollipops kept a long time and were fairly low-calorie, and I was able to tell her off the top of my head that, yeah, they have 80 calories each.

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