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Lunch Box 485: Miscellania


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Quite a variety Tired. Cold. Late. Not in the mood for cooking. Good thing I have lots of little plastic containers in my fridge for icky days like that. Their bounty included inari-zushi and the components for unagi-zushi. That's just some unagi no kabayaki stuck on top of a rice block, and I was guessing at the name, but when I Googled it I found that it does exist. How about that? For my next trick I shall reinvent the wheel.

More leftovers! I have a Yorkshire pudding with Thanksgiving aftermath gravy. I froze the gravy, and when I thawed it it tasted fine but had a sorta applesauce-like texture. There's a little each of baked Japanese sweet potato and baked purple sweet potato, a helping of shelled edamame, and finally some banana bread.

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