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Lunch Box 490: Welcome to 2008


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Happy New Year! I had a long, lazy holiday season, and by the end of it I had enough energy to go all kitchen-ninja. One of the results is the ozoni in today's lunch. Ozoni is a soup traditionally eaten on New Year's Day. I made it on New Year's Eve, actually, and am eating it for lunch on the 2nd, but when you figure in the time zones I figure I hit the right time somewhere in the world. Anyhow, the soup contains chicken and shrimp and mochi and salmon and shiitake and plenty of other good stuff, and I wish my lousy photography didn't make it look so blah. This is, of course, the chunky stuff out of the soup, because if I'd included the liquid it would have turned my bento box into a swamp.

On the side I have zucchini & onion stir-fry, some baked sweet potato, and a chocolate chip cookie. No recipe for the cookie, though it is truly awesome, because it was made by a friend. I may marry her for her cookies. She has, in the past, offered to marry me for my mochi. It would be a marriage made in Heaven the kitchen.

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