My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 494: Candy Box


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See's Bentos I was thinking of a box of chocolates when I packed this lunch. You know, the assortments that have all kinds of chocolates all packaged nice and neat together? This lunch is kinda like that. Minus the chocolate.

So, here I have... grilled cheese sandwich, tsukune meatballs, shelled edamame, baked purple sweet potato, baked Japanese sweet potato, baked sweet potato, takoyaki, and persimmon slices. How's that for variety? Three kinds of sweet potato in one box. The world may not be ready. Also, the grilled cheese sandwich is made with no-knead bread, which is very bubbly, so the cheese seeps into the bread, becoming one with it rather than just forming a layer that glues two discrete slices together. This makes for some wonderful grilled cheese action, lemme tell you.

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